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Session 1: 7/8 - 7/12


Session 2: 7/29 - 8/2


Frequently Asked Questions


Monday through Friday
9:00 a.m - 3:00 p.m



Boys and Girls ages 6 - 8 as of the first day of the session
What should I expect as a young sprog?
We at Pirates Camp focus primarily on role playing. We treasure hunt, fence, swim and play pirate games. Our Counselors shed their landlubber covers stories and don "Captain Names" during the week. If you are interested primarily in fencing please go to our Stanford Fencing Camp link.
Should I bring my own grub?
YES! We captains eat moldy hardtack, seawater, limes, and salted (mostly un-rotten) pork. Unless you want to join us, pirates should bring a lunch.
What provisions do I need to bring aboard?
Pirates should bring lunch, a water bottle, sunscreen, any medications (to be checked in at the office) and the best pirate voice they can muster.

How should I Pay a Balance on my account?

Please access your Online Account to pay balances and submit supplemental forms. Your Online Account can be accessed here.

Can I sail with me best mates?
Yes. We will provide a spot on the application form to request to be crewed with friends. If on the first day of camp, you are separated from your friends, please tell a Captain and we will fix the situation as soon as possible.
Can I wear my finest pirate threads to camp?

Dressing up as pirates is what we do best. Please keep a few things in mind:

•         We are very active during the day, and pirates need to wear clothes that that they can wear comfortably through out a busy day. Wear comfortable closed toed athletic shoes. Although a pair of authentic patent leather boots may look AWESOME, your pirates feet won't feel awesome.
•         Please dress in clothes that you won't mind getting dirty. Personal Hygiene isn't our pirate’s strong suit.
•         Please wear/bring things that are safe. Please no swords, knives, or guns. Common sense is a good rule of thumb.
•         Please don't bring anything that you aren't willing to lose. In a sea of hooks, eye patches, bandannas and earrings; it's very possible that it might be mistakenly taken by another pirate. We are pirates after all.
My pirate has a medical condition, requires medication or has special needs. What do I do?
We have dealt with many different pirates with special needs over the years and have developed a system that works well for everyone. First, you should indicate any and all issues on your application. The first morning of camp, bring any medications, instructions, and concerns to David Bording. He will inform your pirate’s captain of the procedure or other considerations in a morning meeting with the captains.
Please, for the safety of your children DO NOT send any undisclosed medication with your child. David is reachable at 650-725-3001 and more than happy to meet with you before camp sets sail to discuss any special needs.
My pirate has a touch of scurvy and will miss camp, what do we do?
Please inform us if your pirate will be missing camp at the earliest possible time. Unfortunately, we cannot refund or pro-rate days at camp missed.
I need to pick my pirate up early?
If your pirate needs to be picked up early please inform us early. We travel all over campus and will spend most of the day away from the Arrillaga Recreation complex ‘Pirate Cove’.
In emergencies we have every Captain's cellphone and can get in touch with them quickly. Please call, e-mail or bring in a note ahead of time, and we'll have your camper ready to go when you arrive.
If you need someone not already authorized to pick up your pirate, please send in a note ahead of time so we know it’s okay to release your pirate to someone else. We have yet to lose a pirate and want to keep it that way. We pirates take our "man overboard" drill very seriously.


Sorry but we do not have aftercare.  Pick up is at 3:00 p.m